Mirco Rotating Filter MDF

Effective solid/liquid separation in industrial and municipal process and waste water treatment


  • Continuous filtration
  • Completely atmospheric operation
  • Conserving in treatment and transport of solids
  • Filtration of abrasive media
  • Filter cake facilitates finer degree of separation than nominal mesh size (20 - 2,000 µm)
  • Seals not wetted


Compact, fully encapsulated filtration system for conserving and effective filtration between 20 and 2,000 µm. Thanks to its small footprint, the MDF can also be used in tight spaces.


  • Emulsion treatment
  • Waste disposal companies
  • Wood industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Plastics recycling
  • Laundries
  • Textile industry


The base frame of the unit is constructed from stainless steel plates and profiles. The stainless steel filter mesh is fitted over the surface of the filter drum by means of a special clamping mechanism (no gluing!) and can be replaced as required. All motion sequences are executed with a single drive.

Operating principle

The liquid to be cleaned is fed in through a centrally arranged intake part of the rotating filter drum. It flows out under atmospheric conditions through the filter covering and is returned to the process cycle or discharged into the drainage system. Solid particles in the liquid that are larger than the nominal mesh size of the covering are held back and a filter cake builds up. This results in utilisation of the deep filtration effect, which facilitates separation of particles significantly smaller than nominal mesh size. The rotational movement of the drum slowly conveys the cake adhering to the filter mesh upwards and dewaters it. At the crest of the drum, the cake is blown off with either compressed air, water or high-pressure jet and discharged from the MDF by means of an auger.


Mesh size
from 20 to 2,000 µm
Drum diameters
from 700 mm to 1,800 mm
Drum lengths
from 200 mm to 4,900 mm
1.4301, alternatively 1.4401

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