Heat Exchanger

Wastewater is a clean and regenerative energy. Recovering energy from wastewater is an important element of energetic measures in the water sector. Waste heat emitted in a process is fed back again to the same process without signifi cant time delay. An ideal is correspondence between source and consumer with regard to time and quantity.

Functional description

Warm wastewater is led into a tank and is guided through a special weir structure. The weirs built as cascades and a large cross section of the tank reduce the fl ow velocity of the wastewater and provide for an optimum distribution of thermal energy in the entire exchanger section. In a countercurrent principle, the cold water to be heated is guided across a selectable number of pipe bundles, which are fl ush-mounted in the tank. An usual uneven supply of wastewater is compensated by a big tank volume so that thermal energy can be stored at low feed.

Heat exchanger protection

Official regulations require compliance with various limit values regarding COD, temperature, etc. when discharging arising wastewater into the sewer system. The ABZ heat exchanger system combined with wastewater filtration of ABZ not only ensures compliance with mandatory limit values and recovery of supposedly lost energy, the system also is protected against contamination.

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  • stainless steel tank with adjustable base frame
  • pipe bundles, individual disassembling
  • temperature measuring sockets at all relevant points
  • three diff erent sizes of tanks, which can be combined
  • tank insulated and covered on all sides
  • heat quantity measurement
  • high dwelling time of wastewater
  • energy recovery even in case of impact loads
  • extensive exchanger surface by a pipe bundle system

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