ABZ-Zierler GmbH & Co KG
Headquarters / office
Kreuterer Straße 24a
4820 Bad Ischl

Phone: +43 6132 / 27002 -0
Fax: +43 6132 / 27002 -16
Mail: office@abz.at
Website: www.abz.at

Directions to the company site

Take the exit before the Kaiserpark tunnel if coming from Salzburg, or after if coming from Graz or Linz. After two hundred metres, you arrive at a bridge over the Ischl. Turn left and cross the Ischl bridge. After one kilometre, you come to a junction that branches off to the right. Either drive straight on for another 200 metres to arrive at ABZ Plant 2, or turn right into the Jainzental to arrive at ABZ Plant 1.

ABZ Plant 1
Jainzentalstraße 36
4820 Bad Ischl

ABZ Plant 2
Final assembly
Kreuterer Straße 19a
4820 Bad Ischl